Flats are the style of absorbent inner most like old-school terry toweling nappies. These flat squares of fabric are folded into the perfect nappy in a variety of ways and secured with a Snappi. They are the fastest drying option available and are perfect for use in all weather and climates, and especially for those times you will be travelling or hand-washing. Most of the time you will want to pair your flats with some kind of a cover. Whilst they may appear daunting, flats are one of the most loved nappy Consider doubling up on boosters for the OSFM stage if you don't already have some smaller flats with which to boost your nap and night nappies! (From Squiggles and Squash website)


50x50 / 60x60 / 70x70: *
  • Newborn 50x50
  • Medium 60x60
  • Osfm 70x70
Colors: *